London Dungeon

The spooky, scary dungeons of capital cities have become something of a cliche now. Filled with ghost stories and cheap scares, they’re the perfect places to take the children and enjoy an afternoon of darker fun. So many people think as they head into London Dungeon. They emerge a few hours later, as white as a sheet, with children barely able to contain their vomit. You see, they don’t do things by halves here. It’s a genuinely terrifying experience that focuses on the gruesome and the grim in a way that few people would expect.

In an age of mass media violence and atrocity, we’ve become desensitised to horror. We’ll happily watch someone be disemboweled and flayed alive as we tuck into a bumper box of popcorn, without ever really thinking about it. These things are just as monstrous and horrible as ever, we just tend to skim the surface of their depravity when we watch them in the media.

London Dungeon makes them real again, makes them into a frantic frenzy of blood, skin and bone. The result is utterly disgusting, and strangely rewarding for it. It’s hard to explain why something so disgusting has such an appeal, but you’re missing out if you don’t at least try to stomach the dungeons.


Address : County Hall, Westminster Bridge Rd, City of London, Greater London SE1 7PB

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