London Ibis City

London Ibis City is one of those cheaper hotels that somehow manages to get away with it. Compared to the plush carpets and unrepentant luxury of the other hotels you’ll find in Central London, it looks a little sparse and basic, but you won’t mind. There’s just something about it that makes you forget about all that, and remember that luxury isn’t always necessary.

The price is obviously one of them, and London Ibis City is a great budget option for those that are a little strapped for cash. A night in local hotels will buy you several at this location, which is something that’s sure to encourage thrifty consumers. Pair it with one of the deals that they frequently run and you can easily find yourself a bargain stay.

It doesn’t feel cheap though, it feels…adequate. Don’t get us wrong, there are very few unnecessary trimmings here but as a place to rest your head in relative comfort, it’s ideal. Everything is clean, spacious and light, ideal for bleary eyed mornings and late nights when all you want is to get somewhere else. If you’re planning on really exploring the city, then saving money here and using it on some of London’s best delights is definitely something that we would recommend.


Address : 5 Commercial St, London

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