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As London is one of the most congested cities on the planet, transportation via rickshaw looks like a solution for it – well, at least a good try to solve this problem. The rickshaws are something new for Londoners, and they became a common way of transportation in the recent times. This is a pretty fun approach to visiting all the major attractions of the city, and above all, it is eco-friendly – rickshaws also play a very important role in spreading the environmental awareness, as they make no pollution to the city and have People Power as their motto, which is very appropriate.

This whole eco-friendly thing just might be the most important thing about the rickshaws – many Londoners are becoming more and more aware about their city becoming very polluted by the use of automobiles, buses and other vehicles (London has one of the highest traffic congestion in the world) and their way to contribute to effort of making London a greener place is to take a tour by a rickshaw, as these things produce zero CO2 emissions – they are powered only by the sheer muscle, and it can’t really get any greener than that.

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The tours that one can take with a rickshaw are pretty interesting – there is a regular top ten sightseeing destination tours, as well as the tours of the best pubs and restaurants in London, which is something that the drink lovers and gourmands will love to do. And there are also the special tours for the romantic couples, as well as many other tours – everyone can find something for himself.

The tours that the rickshaws offer are probably the best way to see London, as all the other ways have a few problems – the public transportation can be really slow at some places and many tourists will consider that the waste of their precious time in the England’s capital. The taxis are overpriced while traveling via the London tube gives you no chance to do the proper sightseeing – and that is where the rickshaws come in – they are fun, environment friendly and they offer the customer the best way of seeing London’s wonders, where he soaks up the energy and culture of the streets. If the day is bright and clear, be sure to take a rickshaw tour.

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As the rickshaw companies have a pretty unique approach to their business, sometimes they even have fun on their job, dressing up in all sorts of costumes and uniforms, giving a good giggle to the bystanders. But that doesn’t really matter – whether they wear the quirky outfits or not, these transportation mavericks will always have the support of Londoners as long as they offer a transportation which saves the environment and makes the biggest city of the United Kingdom more accessible to the tourists.

All information that you might need about their tours and services can be found at , and you can also contact them via the email –, and they will be happy to answer all of your questions.

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