London Town Hotel

When you’re looking for a budget hotel in the capital, there’s an acceptance that what you’ll get is something that isn’t quite central. The inevitable facts of the inner city rents mean that no one is going to be offering a prime location with perfect service at a rate that’s affordable any time soon. The normal result of this is you getting shunted off to the North or South, not that it’s all bad but you’re very much commuting into the city when you want to see the sights.

That’s why London Town Hotel is so unique. Let’s make no mistake, the facilities here are basic and adequate, nothing to write home about but definitely enough for a simple stay. It’s the location that really sells it. Located in Earl’s Court, just a stone’s throw away from the uber-wealthy Kensington and Chelsea you can enjoy one of the most luxurious areas in the capital on a budget.

To be entirely honest with you, it’s not a lot different from staying in one of those 2 expensive areas. The iconic stucco fronted building immediately places you in zone 1 W or SW and everything you might want to see is accessible within walking distance or with a short tube journey. It feels like you’re in the lap of luxury, even if you’re really on its edge.

Address : 15 Penywern Rd London

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