London Transport Museum

There’s only so much you can look at cars and buses. After all, you see them all day every day in London anyway. Sure, it can be interesting to see how things have changed. Those old tube carriages do indeed give you a little window into the exciting past of commuting, but frankly you don’t really care. The city is full of real excitement and there are plenty of other museums offering so much more. How can a dingy old double decker possibly compete with some of the finest watercolours ever created, or with the skeletons of leviathan like dinosaurs?

The answer may well surprise you. We were skeptical before visiting the London Transport Museum. After all, it might be a beautiful place for anoraks, but for normal people it’s sure to be a snorefest. Right? Wrong, we’re pleased to say. It’s anything but. They’ve done the impossible here, with simples means no less. The objects aren’t what makes this place interesting, it’s the narrative. You might not care about tires from the 20’s, but when you hear about the post war world they came from, you can’t help but be enthralled. The giddy euphoria of newfound peace, the unspoken sadness of a million lost sons, the bright future that was beginning to be dreamt up. It’s just one of the vivid scenes that the London Transport Museum paints and it’s one that proves that even the most mundane of objects can be fascinating with good curation.


Address : Covent Garden Piazza, London WC2E 7BB

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