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Lost Angel

The name of this bar is especially apt. It is indeed an angel: a beautifully understated collection of quality that will leave you on cloud nine. There are few that can look at its incredible drinks, fine decor and lively atmosphere and turn away. Why would they want to? It offers one of the best casual drinking experiences that the city can offer, and it’s a rare thing indeed to find a bar with this much character. It has a loyal crowd of regulars and some others trickling in, lured by articles like this, convinced to leave the beaten trail.

Which is where the lost part comes in. Located in Battersea, it’s in that part of the city where most people will never go. Residents and locals will find it sure, and they’ll bring in friends every now and again, but it goes largely unappreciated. We’re in two minds about the whole thing. On one hand, it’s quiet charm is certainly endearing. There’s something rather special about being able to sit in the gentle atmosphere and not have to worry about a thousand tourists pressing you into a space so tight you can barely even raise your drink. Even so, it feels almost like a waste. More people should know, it should be more popular. Instead it’s destined to the indie band of the bar scene.


Address : 339 Battersea Park Road, London SW11 4LS

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