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Luton Airport

Despite being the 6th busiest airport in the country and one of London’s big travel hubs, Luton seems to be consistently forgotten about. Compared to the twin giants that rule the capital’s skies, it seems tiny. Next to the inner city sanctum for the rich and the well connected, it’s just an unnecessarily complicated location with no real selling point. To many, it has no niche, no reason to exist.

There’s an important role being fulfilled by Luton Airport. Few people seem to realise that it acts as the main source of the capital’s flights to Europe vis budget airlines, a trend that has enabled thousands of people to explore the continent without spending huge amounts of money to do so. It might not be as well supported or as well known as the others but it does a vital job.

Getting to Luton is simple: there are excellent coach, train and taxi links, making it ideal for those coming from almost any part of the capital. Once you’re there, you can enjoy a wide range of facilities and entertainment, designed to keep you occupied in that down time between check in and flight. Head for a drink, eat out at an Italian restaurant or just relax in a comfortable lounge, Luton has places for you to do it all.

If you see the airport and airline as means to an end, a way to get you to your destination, then this is your perfect solution. Things are well maintained but functional: it may not blow you away but there’s a consistency to Luton that makes it the ideal fit for those that just want to fly.

Address : LU2 9LY, London

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