Lyceum Theatre

One of the greatest challenges faced by theatres throughout the years was their ability to keep up with the changes in the industry and the public. One day, the great tradition of audience involvement was at its peak, the next it was in decline. The change wasn’t that rapid of course, but it’s subtle shifting punished any theatre that wasn’t eternally vigilant. Think of the difference between the outdoor performances of Shakespeare and modern day theatrical art. The once common ideas of incorporating the audience into performances would cause horror in the civil, hushed halls of contemporary theatres.

The Lyceum is one that understands this issue all too well. Outside of the city’s elite theatres, it was always one that needed to respond and adapt to changes as they happened. Their ability to dictate was limited, their need to evolve necessary to very survival. And yet, they took that need and turned it into something more. The very nature of the place is one of change and flexibility. They ride new movements and influences with gusto, fully embracing the shifting nature of their art with the kind of enthusiasm rarely seen elsewhere. Somehow, they’ve turned this great disadvantage into something beautiful, and we love it. You’re never sure what’s coming next at the Lyceum, but it’s always sure to be something special.

Address : 21 Wellington Street, London WC2E 7RQ

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