Madame JoJos

One of Soho’s few remaining bits of public character, it showcases the area’s spirit in a way that no other nightclub could. Only in Soho would you see a strip club turned in a nightclub and arguably see it get sleazier. If you’re a little prudish, this is definitely not the place for you. The frequency of the scantily clad is absurdly high, and the entire place aches with a barely suppressed sexuality. From the crimson walls to the mountains of satin, everything is sensuous passionate and associated with the erotic.

A night out here is sure to be intense and incredible. Heading out here for a night is something that can make even the most cynical and jaded of people feel as if they’ve suddenly rediscovered a zeal for life and remembered what made it worth living in the first place. It’s fast, it’s messy and it’s certainly not family friendly but the entire thing adds up to so much more than the sum of its parts.

Sadly, Madame JoJos may soon be faced with closure. Despite frequent efforts made by the community to keep it going, the nightclub simply can’t keep up the debauchery. Make sure you get there before it closes its doors for good, because it’s an experience you’ll never forget

Address : 8-10 Brewer Street London, W1F OSE

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