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Located on the  6th floor, it should be obvious what Madison’s main attraction is. Whenever you get a bar this high in the capital, they would be fools not to make use of that elevation to provide a truly stunning view and that’s exactly what Madison does. It’s the perfect place to stare out at the capital on a balmy night, a drink in hand and not a care in your heart. The drinks themselves will certainly put a smile on your face too, each mixed by an excellent bar team and provided in an interesting variety of flavours. The classics are good here, but try something a little more daring and you certainly won’t be disappointed.

One thing to bear in mind though, is that this is a fully enclosed rooftop bar. There’s a terrace for you to enjoy the sun in, but when the weather gets chilly you can enjoy it all from the inside. It seems like a small thing, but it mean that Madison is just as good in winter, something that many bars of this type are lacking. There’s no better way to fight off the blues when the sun is setting early, than to head on out to this stunning bar and take in the view at 5 or 6, watching the lights of the city flicker into life.


Address : One New Change, 1 New Change, London EC4M 9AD

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