Magnificent Obsessions

Collection of art is an artform in and of itself. That is the assertion put forth by this thought provoking exhibition at the Barbican and it’s certainly an intriguing one. Does the artist that a collect reveres shape his mindset and artistic impression, or is it the other way around, does the collector truly shape the works that he owns. Does a hardcore adherent to modernism dislike postmodernism because it is in not to his taste, or is it the simple juxtaposition to his favoured school that causes his dislike. If taken in a vacuum, how would he feel about the piece?

The idea that someone can be creative and express themselves through someone else’s work is not one that we would necessarily have adhered to, but with a little thought we can see the point. Even if you can’t this is an exhibit you need to see, if for nothing else than for curiosity’s sake. The chance to take an intimate peek at the collections of some of the country’s most passionate collectors is enthralling. Some of them are relatively standard, but there are some truly obsessive collections that hint at the psyches of those that own them in ways that go outside of art and border on human interest.

Address : Silk Street, London EC2Y 8DS

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