Marlin Apartments

Marlin Apartments market themselves as having more space and comfort than a hotel room. It’s a bold claim to make, and one that many users of serviced apartments would be surprised at. After all, hotel stays are generally short and sweet: people only have a small period in which to impress customers so they do their all to ensure that they come off smelling of roses. In serviced apartments however, people are often willing to put up with more and complain about much less. The result is that the latter generally offers better value for money, whilst having slightly lower standards. So to see a serviced apartment offering better quality than a hotel? We had to check it out for ourselves.

The result is generally positive. Aside from a few odd cases, most rooms were spacious and well furnished. The staff were polite and attentive and the entire place had an excellent atmosphere to it. Lack of stable WiFi is a big thing in modern apartments, and is obviously an issue for those that are planning long stays for work. In general though, Marlin Apartments offers some excellent accommodation even if it doesn’t quite live up to its promises.


Address : 34 Long Lane, London SE1 4NA

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