If Bond Street is one of the home of the capital’s luxury brands, then Mayfair is the mecca of its peak: hyper luxury. We’re talking absurdly expensive, handcrafted products that are simply a cut above all of the competition. Perfectly constructed examples of the very best that their respective industries have to offer. From the cheese counter at Harrods to branches of the most highly respected fashion retailers in Europe to bespoke services of every kind, there really are some wonderful sights.

Don’t be put off if you’re not packing a huge budget though, the department stores aren’t that expensive if you’re looking in the right place. Obviously, you’re not going to be buying an entire leg of Iberico ham, but look beyond that and you’ll see that a juicy joint of serrano for a much more reasonable price. You come here when you want quality, not when you want to shell out a fortune, so a careful bit of shopping can leave you with some seriously solid product. Just don’t expect bargains.


Address : W1k

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