Mulberry Street

Pizza is something of a contentious subject amongst foodies. To many, it’s the holy grail of low hanging fruit, the guilty pleasure that we all love to indulge in every now and again. The demand for authenticity has brought wood ovens and all sorts of Italian relics over here, and now we produce it just like they would in Naples. For that reason, places like Mulberry street tend to get a bit of a harsh deal. They might be offering pizza, but it isn’t the Italian kind. Those thin, crispy bases, smattered with fresh ingredients aren’t really on offer here. So noses get stuck up and customers don’t even bother to try.

Which is a shame really, because the New York style pizzas that are offered instead are quite wonderful. They’re certainly different, but that isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, just between us, we actually rather like them. If you’re going to be bad and have a chunk of simple carbs laden with cheese and meat, why not go all out and really enjoy it? The deep-dish, ridiculously dense slices of American pizzas on offer at Mulberry Street are a perfect way to do just that.


Address : 47 Moscow Road, London W2 4AH

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