Museum of Branding

The name is a little off putting to most, and we can’t say that we blame you. Every day, we’re assaulted with a plethora of ads and sales pitches wherever we go, so why would you ever want to see more? It doesn’t seem like the best use of your time, but we can tell you with certainty that it’s an experience that might well surprise you. The appeal of seeing these things seems minimal, until you’re actually in front of them. We spend so much time avoiding these things that finally seeing them in a positive light can be fascinating.

Take the exhibit of cleaning products. You’ve seen a million of them, encouraging you to fight the war on germs and keep your family safe. Until now though, you’ve probably never thought about the military language that’s so heavily used in these advertisements, or thought about why its such a recurring theme. The answer is that, following the Second World War, women who had previously been engaged in producing arms were suddenly pushed back into the home. They had thrived under the sense of common enemy, a threat that they could protect their families from. With the enemy defeated, advertising companies simply invited another one.

Address : 2 Colville Mews, London W11 2AR

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