Natural History Museum

Offering a wide variety of stunning exhibits and the kind of scientific marvels that will delight people of all ages, the Natural History Museum remains one of the capital’s most alluring attractions.

There’s everything from towering dinosaurs, to exhibitions on the evolution of birds, and this wide spectrum is key to the museum’s long lasting appeal. You never feel as if you’ve seen everything, or explored every option that it has to offer: there’s always some fresh new discovery to be made.

Best of all, it’s absolutely free, so anyone can enjoy it. This makes it an ideal spot for visitors on their last days, down to a few pounds and stuck for places to go. You can enjoy a relaxed and informative visit that can easily compete with the capital’s more expensive attractions.

The building itself isn’t too shabby either. Located in the heart of affluent Kensington, it’s a stunning example of beauty and form that’s enough to draw in visitors with its architecture alone. From its characteristic arches to the intricate carvings that seem to detail every surface, it’s nothing short of a marvel, and one that makes for an atmospheric visit. On the practical side, the cool stone halls are ideal for even the hottest of weather as they keep the museum from becoming stuffy during the humid summer months.

Address : 10 Greek Street, London W1D 4DH

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