Old Spitalfields Market

Without fail, someone always turns up at Old Spitalfields Market every weekend looking to buy ingredients. Despite it having been years since the opening of the new market, the mistake is still made. Perhaps a public announcement is needed, in order to inform everyone that there is indeed no more fruit and veg here, that it’s gone across the road and it’s not coming back. Maybe you’re even here because that’s what you thought that you would find here. We’re afraid to inform you that it hasn’t been like that for over a decade now, coming up to two. If you want wholesale fruit and veg, go elsewhere.

Instead, Old Spitalfields Market offers a whole host of interesting arts and crafts. It’s a buzzing hive of the new east London edge, all fashion and art intermingling with artisan produce. It’s well known for its excellent selection of clothes, as well as works by lesser known creators. It can be the perfect place to find a bargain, though there are some opportunistic stalls that know their market all too well and put out some rather overpriced offerings. With a discerning eye though, you may well find something that suits your taste and your wallet.

Address : 16 Horner Square, Spitalfields, London E1 6EW

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