Oxford Street

The most iconic shopping street in the nation, Oxford Street is a destination that’s almost unrivalled in the world of retail. Nowhere else draws in as many tourists and visitors, all desperate to see the mecca of mid end shopping.

Of course, Oxford Street is a little overhyped. Go like most people, on a busy day and with no urgency, and you’ll be trampled by the hordes. It can get severely crowded and honestly many of the shops are just bigger versions of what you could easily find elsewhere. There are plenty of Londoners who go out of their way to avoid it because it is primarily a tourist attraction. The old saying: “follow the locals” rings very true here. There are plenty of less crowded attractions that will offer you a wider range or better choices.

And yet… We can’t find it in our heart to dismiss Oxford Street. Pretty as a picture at times, it’s an attraction that you need to understand to appreciate. Go during peak hours and it’s stressful but head in around 7 and it’s an area transformed. The workers have gone, as have most of the tourists. In summer, the day will be coming to a beautiful, dusky ending. In winter, the beautiful festive lights create an unbeatable atmosphere. And best of all, it’s all yours.


Address : Oxford Street , London, W1

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