Paddington Green Serviced Apartments

Where this a listing for a hotel or B&B, we probably wouldn’t recommend it. Paddington Green serviced apartments are, in many ways, average. They provide what’s needed, and little else. There’s no flair, no style, no edge. Yet strangely, they do the job you want them to.

Serviced apartments are something of an oddity in that sense. Living in them day to day means that most people will, as counterintuitive as this sounds, be happy to settle for less. There’s more pressure on a single or dual night stay, more expectation piled into a short space of time. It’ makes people more judgemental and raises their standards. When you’re there for a month or two though, you’ll be happier to excuse the fact that their towels aren’t always folded precisely or the odd bit of dust.

Which is why Paddington Green are actually something of a good option. They offer an amazing location at a great price. Yes, they might rough around the edges, but you’ll be surprised how little you’ll care after a few days. You’ll be too busy walking into Oxford Street, exploring Hyde Park and soaking up the pleasures of Kensington and Notting Hill.

Address : 18 Paddington Green, Westminster, London, W2 1LG

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