Phoenix Hostel

There are plenty of great hostels in London. The days of the drab, sad old things dominating every youthful backpackers life are over. It’s easy to find somewhere outstanding to stay with a little searching. That’s why the Phoenix hostel might not seem spectacular at first. It offers clean and reasonably priced accommodation, but so does everyone else. It’s hardly unique in that regard, and certainly not as special as you would believe from the positive reviews it seems to draw in like moths to a flame. So what is it that tips this place over the edge? What makes it so well regarded by those in the know?

The answer is a simple one: the staff. These friendly, helpful and informative people will make your trip that much better. The difference that they can make is astounding. Knowing that there’s always someone to go to, a sympathetic shoulder for you even if you’re travelling solo, is invaluable. They know all the best local bars, where to eat, where to relax, all the secrets that the area has to offer. That kind of advice is invaluable, and not something you expect from a hostel.

Address : 6 Daventry Street, London NW1 5NX

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