Pineapple Dance Studios

Having risen to prominence thanks to its link to Fame, these days you’ll find Pineapple to be a little less glamorous. That’s not to say that it’s declined, quite the opposite, but it’s no longer the unrelenting house of showmanship that it once was. In many ways, it’s slight fall from the public eye has only been beneficial. Without the reputation to fall back on, it’s become a studio that that focuses on excellent facilities and classes more than simply seeming impressive. These days, it’s drawing people in purely on merit which we think is a much welcome change.

Technically not a gym as such, though it does fill the same criteria. You’ll turn up in tight lycra, you’ll sweat, you’ll sweat and you’ll be sore for days. More importantly, it will get you fit. There might not be a set of testosterone soaked weights or godlike rowing machines where only the strongest can hope to succeed but it offers everything that you’d really want from a gym. At the end of the day, the purpose of attending one is to get fit and toned, and dance is a fantastic way to do just that.


Address : 16 Langley Street London

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