QE Fulham

With bare silver bedframes and basic facilities, this isn’t exactly a hostel that befits its regal name. Luxury is something that is clearly lacking here, even in minor amounts. Other hostels have cottoned on to the idea that token efforts will often reap far more than they cost to sow, but that development seems to have passed the QE Fulham by. It’s pure and utter necessity only here

2 factors however, more than make up for it. First of all, the price is highly agreeable. Yes it’s basic, but you’re not paying enough to really complain. Embrace the spartan quarters and you’ll find that they’re excellent value for money: far better than other hostels in the area. Perhaps more importantly though, it’s in an absolutely amazing location. A short walk away from Kensington and Chelsea, you’re staying in the heart of the capital’s beautiful heart

There’s a strange synergy everything as well. Your room may be basic, but you won’t be spending much time in it anyway if things go to plan. You’ll be using the money you saved to go and enjoy all the delights on your doorstep. A bed might be all you have, but it’s all you need in the end!


Address : 58 Bagleys Lane, London SW6 2BH

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