Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

The holy grail of the London culinary scene, Gordon Ramsay’s most famous restaurant is perhaps the city’s best. With its incredible 3 Michelin stars, exceptional staff and plethora of amazing talents it’s become a worldwide sensation that’s a must see for any foodie visiting the capital.

It’s especially popular with American tourists, who know the foul-mouthed chef from his TV antics and immense temper tantrums. Having watched him berate so many hopefuls, they want to come and see how it’s done in the centrepiece of Ramsay’s kitchen empire. The delights range from the subtle, like foie gras and delicately worked foams, to the outright incredible like the chef’s famed beef wellington.

Prices are high, but that’s to be expected at this level of dining. This isn’t the place for an everyday meal, it’s a restaurant of finery and finessesse, a location that’s ideal for celebration and special meals. The food here is modern British cuisine at its finest and worth every penny, so savour it!

Booking in advance is strongly advised as competition for places can be fierce, although visitors struggling to get places should look at the lunch time slot. There’s often a table available during this time and the restaurant’s great Chelsea location makes it ideal for a mid afternoon meal.


Address : 68 Royal Hospital Rd, London SW3 4HP

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