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The Thames has something of an undeserved reputation. As a major urban river in an industrialised society, it’s far from spotless. In fact, you’d be surprised by the amount of waste that seems to end up floating in it each and every day. Its murky waters are far from fresh and if you were to take a drink from the banks, you would not find it to your tastes. To some though, these seems to mean so much more. They assume it must be some grey, disgusting cesspool, not worthy of attention. The truth is far from it. Anyone who has been at the South Bank at sunrise knows that the Thames can be absolutely beautiful.

The River Cruises are looking to make that more apparent, to residents and visitors alike. They offer scenic and stunning rides down the Thames, where you can take in its full beauty from the comfort of a modern little craft. Take a gentle trip down the river and learn to see its hidden side.

Better yet, use it as an opportunity to look at the city in a whole new way. The view it provides of some of the capital’s best known areas is truly unique.


Address : Cherry Garden Pier Cherry Garden Street, Rotherhithe, London

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