As budget hotels go, you could certainly find nicer places to stay. Calling Elephant and Castle a rather shabby area is to be kind: it’s in desperate need of investment and refurbishment. To many, that’s part of its down to earth charm of course, but it’s still a concern. Staying here, when there are so many other options in places like Earl’s Court and King’s Cross seems folly.

Safestay does however, do its best to make up for its poor location. The price is exceptional, even for a budget hotel, and really does provide an option for those on the tightest of shoestrings. It’s clean and functional, a blast of purples and pinks that exude a modern, well maintained appeal. Little details like curtains on your bed are an absolute godsend in mixed dorms. Compared to some of the competition, it’s a palace.

Is it worth it though? Opinions will be divided. It offers great value for money, but you do pay for it in other respects. For some, this is fine, and they’ll happily put up with it for a roof over their head. For others however, spending a little more will be more than worth it.


Address : 144-152 Walworth Rd, London SE17 1JL

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