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Selhurst Park

Once the home of a club that was the capital’s black sheep, Selhurst Park has rapidly changed in the past couple of years. These days, the idea of it being something of an embarrassment seems odd. If anything, it’s a source of pride, a great show of the local fans’ commitment to the game and the passion that they’re more than willing to bring with them on matchday.

It’s especially apparent when compared to complete libraries like the Emirates. A regular at a ground like that will find the din at Selhurst Park to be deafening, a blast of raw sound and energy that surpasses anything that they’ve seen at their own club. Compared to White Hart Lane, and it’s gloomy atmosphere, the sheer goodwill here will blow anyone away. They’re willing the players forward, desperate to see their club succeed and proud of what they’ve achieved.

It’s even better than Stamford  Bridge, offering the same kind of passion at a fraction of the price. Say what you like about Crystal Palace, but they’re still a club that’s in touch with their fans, a real people’s champions. The contrast between them and neighbouring QPR, and it’s money hungry owners, is indescribable. See it firsthand here, in the ground full of committed, passionate souls.


Address : Whitehorse Ln, London SE25 6PU

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