Shake Shack

At some point in 2012, the UK was hit with the burger craze. It was summer, so nothing was especially unusual. We have a proud tradition of green lawns and outstanding burgers after all. They didn’t go away though, and it seems as if the American burger culture is here to stay.

If Five Guys is the celebration of the greasy diner feel, then Shake Shack is the champion of the new burger scene. Meat and cheese still appear in abundance, but what’s this? Salad? Tomatoes?!  There’s even an effort to attempt to be healthy. It’s amazing to see, and something that many of us wouldn’t believe if we didn’t go there. In fact, out of the 4 more fast food chains, it’s the shack who come in with the 2nd lowest calories per burger and fries meal.

Does this mean that you’ll be missing out on that excellent flavour? Not at all, it’s just that SS is a bit less reliant on fats to contribute taste. Their burgers are more focussed on the balance between textures and sauces than the indulgent offerings from elsewhere.


Address : 24, Market Building, The Piazza, Covent Garden, London WC2E 8RD

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