Sherlock Holmes Tour

The great man of mystery himself, the gentleman of shadowy allure and an unbeatable mind, Sherlock Holmes. One of the greatest character in a huge cast of British fiction, Holmes has held a cherished place in the heart of children and adults alike since his creation. His ability to perceive the truth beneath a veneer of respectability gives him an eternal relevance tied to the human condition, one that will no doubt see his popularity remain for centuries to come. The modern reimagining of his story by the BBC only proves that further: by keeping the core aspects of the character but putting him into a modern setting, they proved that his appeal is one that transcends the slow march of time.

If you’re lucky enough to be near Baker Street, the real location where the fictional character lived, you can take a tour dedicated to him. Focussing on a mixture of the man himself, his author and the environment in which his stories took place, it offers a unique insight on a man who was truly incredible. A must for fans of the series, it’s also a perfect place to kindle an interest in Holmes’ stories. Many happy children have left the tour with a new hero, and it’s always an enjoyable experience for inquisitive young minds.


Address :  W1J 9HP

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