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Stansted Airport

As one of the country’s busiest airports, Stansted sees a huge turnover each day. The number of people is however, dwarfed by some of the other airports in the city, leading to a less manic atmosphere that suits its smaller site well. Exceptional coverage has seen it rise in popularity in recent years, becoming a well established gateway to most of Europe and the Mediterranean.

Once in the shadow of the capital’s two main travel hubs, it’s carved its own place as one of the best places for value flights. It currently hosts some of the most acclaimed budget airlines in the UK, and is generally seen as the ideal destination for those who want to travel as a sensible price. Despite the excellent value on offer, the local facilities remain top notch, offering a wide range of entertainment options. Passengers can enjoy a great meal at one of the airport’s restaurants, head off for a holiday drink at its bars or just sit back and relax in its spacious waiting rooms. VIP services are offered to many first class passengers, with luxury lounges available to special customers.

Transport options are varied and numerous, although it lacks the tube link that is enjoyed by other airports in the city. Shuttles run from the major train stations and taxis are always available both on site and nearby. Those that want to spend the night nearby will be happy to learn about the excellent selection of hotels nearby, many of which far exceed the usual standard of travel accommodation.

Address : Stansted Airport, CM24 1QW

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