The Apollo Victoria

Sitting inside the Apollo Victoria is an indescribable experience for someone not used to theatres of its scale. Those who have grown up with provincial dramas will find the sheer magnitude of the place as gobsmacking as the productions it stages: the cavernous hall of red velvet and wood a monument to the sweeping power of drama.

The Apollo Victoria is currently home to the smash hit “Wicked”, a tale of two sisters torn by responsibility and desire. Set in the world of “The Wizard of Oz”, it highlights the creation, fall and redemption of the witches who will later come to aid and plague Dorothy in equal measures. The play is equally funny and moving, a perfect example of a light hearted drama that’s perfect for the entire family.

It’s also in the perfect location for those visiting the city: just outside of the Victoria train station. For those travelling in from Kent, it really is as simple as hopping on a train and then crossing the road once they reach the station, but Victoria is also accessible via a number of different tube stations, as well as by frequent bus and coach services.


Address : 17 Wilton Rd, London SW1V 1LG

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