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The Artesian

The Langham’s iconic bar, and one of the world’s absolute best, the Artesian has become a byword for quality. There isn’t much that we can say that hasn’t been said before. Everything about the place is a well thought out, perfectly polished piece of barkeeping artistry. From the stunning drinks to the attentive service, to the stunning decor, it’s as close to flawless as we’ve ever seen any bar or restaurant ever come.

It’s the little extra attention to detail and finesse that you pay for. It’s not cheap to drink here, but it is worth it. For the glamour, for the sophistication, for the atmosphere, yes, but most importantly for the actual drinks themselves.

These beautifully blended beverages are incredible. They’ll change the way that you think and feel about the craft. They’re that good. They’re the kind of drinks that still surprise veterans of the scene, created with beauty and poise. They pack big flavours and wonderful combinations but do so with subtlety. Everything is balanced and measured, expressly done to best create a drink that will blow you away. There are precious few other places in the capital where you where they can make the extraordinary look so easy.


Address : The Langham, Portland Place, London W1B 1JA

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