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The Bedford Tavern

Head down the Seven Sisters Road and it would be understandable if you were suddenly overcome with a crushing sense of futility in the world. We all die and one day all that we’ve worked for will be wiped out as existence itself simply ceases in a way that we can’t even imagine. Heavy, but that’s the kind of thought that this particularly grim example of inner city gloom seems to bring out of people. It’s just so desolate.

So imagine our surprise, learning that it harbours one of the capital’s warmest, most welcoming bars. It’s a bit like finding a diamond in a patch of mud, a light in the dark. With its bare brick walls, leather armchairs and great selection of drinks, it’s a mile away from the outside world. You can easily spend an evening there, sitting around an old oak table with friends and forget that there’s any ills in the world. There’s something curiously gentle about it, something that makes it the equivalent of a warm hug. It won’t fix all your problems, but it will give you a brief moment of pure respite. In this kind of area, you’ll need it.


Address : Bedford Tavern, 160 Seven Sisters Rd, London N7 7PT

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