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The Cleveland Arms

Head over to Bayswater and you’re bombarded with classy bars to drink in, the kind of pub that doesn’t do pork scratchings but does have wasabi coated almonds. You know the type. Go a little bit towards central and you’ll arrive at Paddington, where basically every pub is looking to milk you for as much money as possible. In between there is a gulf, filled with numerous garden squares and overflowing with people that are wondering why they can’t get a good pint. In the midst of this dry area, there’s The Cleveland Arms.

Now, you might be expecting fireworks, given the swanky surroundings. Get those thoughts out of your mind. This is an old fashioned pub, which means you come here for the atmosphere and the beer. Food isn’t especially recommended and there won’t be white linen or the latest craft brews. What you will get however, is a friendly ambiance and the kind of location that hosts regular quizzes. It’s the sort of place that you would probably expect to see in rural Kent, not right in the middle of W2. For some people that’s perfect, and if you’re one of them then you’ll be glad to see somewhere so down to earth in the midst of what can be a very pretentious area.


Address :  28 Chilworth Street, London W2 6DT

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