The Corinthia

Why is it that we love to indulge ourselves at 5 star hotels? What is it about these places that make us so interested and intrigued, that captivates us and allows us to pay a serious price for what is essentially a giant bundle of silliness. Let’s be honest here, the incredibly lavish settings and decorations, the ridiculous levels of service and the general atmosphere of hotels is more than a little ridiculous. It feels so far removed from the real world that you wonder if the super rich ever actually experience life outside of their fur lined little carriages.

And in many ways, that’s the appeal. The fun lies in the sheer ridiculousness of it. It’s not indulgent: it’s over indulgent. From gold toilets to chauffeur drive cars, everything is so unnecessarily embellished that it becomes fanciful and full of fantasy. It’s easy to see why so many people can’t get enough. Head to the Corinthia and you’ll see why.

The staff there aren’t just attentive: they’re zealous. Cleaners will take it upon themselves to scrub every inch of your room clean as if a single mite of dust would offend their honour. The food served in the restaurant is precise, classical fair, the rooms unfailingly spacious and exquisitely decorated. It really is just on another level.


Address : 10 Whitehall Place, London SW1A 2BD

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