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The Den

The Den has something of a reputation. It’s well known for being one of the toughest, most intense grounds in the entirety of the country, a seething cauldron of passion that often intimidates players to such an extent that the team playing inside it gains a major advantage. That’s the idea anyway, and it’s why Millwall fans are so keen to cause as much tension as they can. Come from the right side of the tracks by supporting their team and they’ll welcome you in like a new member of the family. Support the opposition however, and they’ll barely contain their anger and bile.

As an experience, it’s unique. We thoroughly recommend going to it and supporting the club, rather than going on any away. The club is known for its history of hooliganism and violence, and these unfortunate traits appear to be showing little signs of letting up. Their ultras, as hardcore football fans are known, are some of the most dangerous in Europe. It’s certainly not a destination for the faint of heart. It is however, a great chance to experience the atmosphere of the truly dedicated for those outside of footballing cultures, as long as you’re careful.

Address : Zampa Road, London SE16 3LN

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