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The Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke is something of a controversial topic amongst reviewers. It’s pure and utter marmite: some love it, some hate it with a fiery passion. For our part, we’re rather fond of it, though it really is a seasonal pub. Head there in the depths of winter and it’s dull, dark and slightly overpriced. Costs are appropriate in the summer, when it really comes into its own, but in any other season they just seem a little much. It’s in dire need of a fire, and some comfy chairs, something to make it that much easier to banish the winter blues.

For 3 or 4 months a year though, this place is rocking. Boasting one of the city’s biggest beer gardens and offering an unparalleled level of fun and frolicks, it’s transformed into a party hub. You’ll see people come from all across the capital: the virtual assurance of a seat in the garden is a temptation that few can actually resist. Long days spent in the sun, with a great atmosphere and friendly staff, it really is the ideal way to spend a Summer Saturday. Just don’t go when it’s raining, we beg you.


Address : 204 Ferndale Road, London SW9 8AG

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