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The Emirates

Built as the replacement for one of the capital’s most iconic grounds, The Emirates was meant to mark a new era for Arsenal football club. Things haven’t quite worked out that way, but this remains the most impressive stadium in the city outside of Wembley. Stamford Bridge might have more atmosphere and Selhurst Park might be louder, but in terms of sleek modernity The Emirates is unmatchable.

Getting around is simple and easy, the refreshments aren’t too bad and the stadium is designed in a way that really amplifies the atmosphere. In theory at least, this should easily be  one of the best visits for anyone curious to see a big game for themselves.The truth however, isn’t quite so clear…

If you’re planning on seeing a game there, we thoroughly recommend trying to get a ticket into the away stand. As ridiculous as this might sound, it’s a sad truth that the atmosphere in the home sections is a little bit lacking. There’s a reason why other fans mockingly refer to it as “the library” and tend to give Arsenal fans a lot of stick. Experience it with the passionate away fans of another club though, and you’ll get to enjoy this otherwise amazing stadium with a real matchday atmosphere.


Address : Hornsey Rd, London N7 7AJ

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