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The Fable Bar

The Fable bar sticks out like something of a sore thumb. Located in the heart of the financial district, its colour, whimsy and frivolous attitude are in complete contrast to its surroundings, leading many to wonder about the contents of its softly lit tables. Head inside and you’ll find a magical space designed specifically to invoke memories of childhood and fantasy, all whilst serving some seriously high quality drinks. As interiors go, it’s certainly more than a little novel.

Cocktails are the main attraction, though the wine list is also commendable in its range. The drinks can be a little hit and miss and the menu varies wildly, so be aware that things aren’t always what they seem here. You can take it safe, and order a classic, or be bold and go for something new. Our advice is to avoid floral notes and generally stick to those that use a citrus base with a high quality spirit: it’s hard to go too wrong with gin and lemons.

The bar also includes a full restaurant, which carries on the same themes. Chickens are served in fanciful little picnic baskets, salmon is dressed and tossed with salad in Kilner jars, and all sort of other neat little presentation tricks ensure that eating here is a real treat for the eyes.


Address : 52 Holborn Viaduct, London EC1A 2FD

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