The Goring

Sometimes, you get the impression that a place is just different. It’s not a bad thing or necessarily even a good one: they’re on a level that seems just a little off to you, subtly standing apart. This is one of those places: a gateway into another world. A world filled with bloodlines and titles, with country estates and old money. A world of royalty and nobility, one where things are seen in a way that most people would never even think of. Staying here is a little glimpse into that world, and it can be an intoxicating one. Drinking beautifully barrel aged drinks in a stunning little hotel bar, having top quality room service day and night, living for a few days in utter grandeur. It’s enough to make any man long to be a part of the aristocracy.

Which you can be, but it will of course come at a cost. The Goring is not cheap. At all. That maybe goes without saying at any 5 star hotel, but this place isn’t for those will small wallets or limited budgets. It can make the perfect place for a short stay as an extreme treat, for an anniversary or a special weekend maybe, for if you’re planning on a holiday in the capital, then there are certainly better options in terms of value.


Address : The Goring, Beeston Place, London SW1W 0JW

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