The Grill at the Savoy

The Grill at the Savoy is a little deceptive, as restaurants go. It lacks a little in ambition, and at this price range you might not be expecting that. Firmly entrenched in the middle band of restaurant pricing schemes, it’s neither expensive nor cheap. It’s food is neither groundbreaking nor dull. To the outside world, it’s just an average restaurant, the kind of hotel eatery that’s forgotten about in the shadow of its more successful siblings.

What they fail to realise is that it has a trick up its sleeve: as one of the top hotels in the capital, The Savoy has a reputation for utter excellence. It’s one that they’ve earned over many years of consistent success, and anyone heading there can do so with a clear mind. There’s no chance of getting a bad plate of food, or a chef having an off-day. It’s as if they’ve perfected their admittedly plain dishes to the point where error is almost impossible, making The Grill one of the safest bets in the city.

As ever, weeknights are generally recommended unless you have a booking in advance. Sunday afternoons tend to be especially busy, as they draw in both guests and those looking for a good roast on a sleepy weekend afternoon, so give those a miss.

Address : Savoy Hotel, Strand, London WC2R 0EU

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