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The biggest problem for most people when it comes to using a gym might surprise you. Lack of motivation is often cited as a major factor, and it’s one that many people claim keeps them out. The culture is another, as no one wants to be around steroid infused obsessives all day. Some simply don’t have the energy and others are far too busy to fit it into their hectic lives. The biggest fear for most however, has been revealed to be the cost. In a recent survey, researchers were shocked to find that high prices were keeping many people away from getting fit.

After all, splashing out triple digits on a membership every month is something that would certainly make you think twice.That’s where The Gym hopes to solve things. Offering the best rate you’re likely to find in a chain gym, they give even the tightest of budgets a chance to get fit for an agreeable price. we’re talking seriously low here, the kind of price m that anyone can afford.

One thing you might want to note though, is that The Gym’s London branch is located outside of central. This might seem like a minor thing, but if you’re having to catch a bus there and back, it quickly adds up. 3 times a week, at 2 pounds each, will leave you with a bill of at least 24 pounds at the end of the month: doubling membership costs!


Address : Roding House 970 Romford Road, Ilford

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