The Hide

Located in the north of London, the Hide is something of an oddity amongst hotels.You might think that it’s a boring area, and most would agree with you. It’s highly residential and it lacks the sheer appeal of the west or the excitement of the east. It’s all a matter of perspective though: if you’re looking for somewhere to escape to, this is the ideal spot. There are few locations in the capital that can offer the same kind of relaxation. There’s a reason why they call it The Hide after all: you can get away from all the stress, the crowds and the noise here.

It comes at a price though: getting here isn’t that ideal. If you want to have a bit of peace and quiet, you will by necessity need to go out of the city centre but this can be a little far, especially on the weekends when tube work can easily force you to resort to other methods of transport. It can be a real pain, so plan ahead.

Overall, excellent value and superb service, combined with excellent levels of peace easily make up for it. We can’t recommend The Hide enough: it’s certainly worth a try.


Address : 230 Hendon Way London

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