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The Lock Tavern

Camden is renowned for its edgy cool and impressive embrace of pop culture. What many people don’t realise about it however, is that it’s locked in a secret war of sorts with Shoreditch. They’re fighting over the hipster crowd, and it looks as if the east is winning. Head to a place like The Lock Tavern however, and you’ll struggle to find anyone that cares. To say that’s it’s not pretentious is something of an understatement.

Located down by the river, from where it draws its name, this busy pub is the epitome of nonchalance. It will survive the desertion of the hip without a second thought: it relies on loyal regulars who are a part of the furniture in these parts. The ones who are as happy to spend the cold of winter drinking in the dark corners as they are eating caprese salads in the warm winter sun.


Address : 35 Chalk Farm Road, Camden, London NW1 8AJ

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