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The London Golf Club

The London Golf Club isn’t really in London, despite the name, it’s in Kent. To expect otherwise is foolish: with land at such a premium in the capital, buying and maintaining the amount necessary for a full 18 hole course in the city itself is simply unfeasible. There are a few rooftop venues, which we have covered elsewhere in this section, but in general you’re not going to find a real green anywhere close to the capital itself.

What there is however, is great transport links, so getting in a round doesn’t have to turn into much a trek. Trains run regularly from Victoria, and shuttles run regularly from the train station to the greens, so a day of golfing can be a most comfortable affair. The M25 also provides an excellent route, although be very cautious if intending to use the Dartford Crossing at peak times: the wait is horrendous!


Address : Stansted Ln, Ash, Kent TN15 7EH

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