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The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town

The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town is something of a hipster’s wet dream. Located beneath an existing venue, it’s a speakeasy in the truest sense of the word, reminiscent of prohibition era bars that were hidden from sight and kept a close secret. Even getting entry feels covert: you go in through a secret door hidden in the venue above. It just reeks of the pretentious, from the bow-tied wait staff to the bearded patrons who smugly sip their drinks, safe in the knowledge that they’re doing things ever so differently from the plebs in their local pub. It does, of course, offer a wide selection of craft beers.

And yet, we can’t dismiss it. Take the general uppityness of the place as part of it’s charm: the entire location is just one huge spectacle. It’s an experience, a place you visit to peek into a different world. No one is real here, so treat it is as such. When you consider it as a giant, middle class fantasy things suddenly become a lot less annoying. It even gains some sort of bizarre charm. Order a Brewdog, sit back and comment on its potent aroma and how the head has this distinct tropical note of citrus. Quaff and scoff.

Address : 12-16 Artillery Lane, London E1 7LS

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