The Museum of London

There are plenty of interesting museums in London, but things tend to get dominated by the big 3. These iconic locations are just so unmissable and, honestly, so well done that they end up attracting the majority of the tourists looking to learn something in the city. That means that excellent efforts like the London Museum tend to be overlooked, to the extent that many don’t even know that they exist.

Let’s be honest, did you realise that it even existed? You might have heard of it in passing, but you’re unlikely to know much about it, which is a shame because it offers so much. There’s plenty of amazing exhibits here that will show you a whole other side of the capital.

The Museum of London is just that: a place dedicated to the city itself. It shows eager visitors the history of the English capital, and explains its rise from a collection of small towns into one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world. Seeing the changes that war, industrialism, immigration and gentrification have had on this microcosm of the country’s hopes and fears is an utterly fascinating experience. There’s a lot more to the city’s history that the fire and the plague you know!

Address : 150 London Wall, London EC2Y 5HN

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