The National Theatre

The National Theatre is something of a British institution. It should be though, right? After all, it is the nationally endorsed theatre, it’s always going to be at the heart of the nation’s culture. So it was surprising to learn just how much they had fallen behind at one point. In many ways, it’s inevitable really, for those that are linked to the consciousness of the nation to end up being slow to react and adapt. Whilst other theatres are free to take risks, all the mistakes of the national theatre will be judged that much more harshly. So it’s understandable to see that it’s always leaned towards being conservative.

Modern reinvention might have come a little late, but now it’s arrived at the National Theatre, the results are spectacular. Some of the best shows in the capital are performed in these hallowed halls. Its ability to attract the very best talent is a saving grace like none other, and it always provides the cream of the crop. That crop might be yesterday’s harvest but for anyone other than the most avant garde of afficionados, that’s more than enough.

Address : South Bank , London SE1 9PX

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