The Oxford

The Oxford isn’t the type of hotel that will immediately catch your eye. Nestled in a row of stucco houses in the heart of Paddington, it might be indistinguishable from its neighbours were it not for the blue canopy fluttering outside. It’s a subtle, understated sort of place, much like the area in which it’s found. If you want glitz and glamour, Mayfair or Kensington or Covent Garden are your ideal destinations, but this is the ideal spot for those that want to get away from it all. Still centrally located and close to all the major attractions, it offers a rare slice of peace in what can be a hectic capital.

Inside, the hotel is relatively basic in many ways, but is still very much comfortable. Rooms are decently sized, and those lucky enough to get the bay windows can look forward to stunning amounts of light. The staff are helpful and attentive, always ready to help with any queries or problems that might arise. They can recommend local restaurants or give you the inside scoop on nearby attractions. We recommend a walk through maida vale, down by the river. It’s a tranquil and easygoing way to spend an afternoon, perfect for those wishing to relax.


Address : Oxford Hotel, 13-14 Craven Terrace, London W2 3QD

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