The Real Food Market

As a general rule, we avoid anything with the word “real” in it like the plague when it comes to food. The idea of authenticity is one that’s been played to death, and it’s also one that most are us are thoroughly bored of. It’s just so hard to actually work out why its a popular thing. Just because a pizza comes from Italy, it doesn’t mean it will be any good. The English invented football, yet they haven’t come close to being the best at that game in the past 50 years. A point of origin or a claim of being real doesn’t mean a damned thing.

However, the Real Food Market at Southbank is still a great little find, despite the name. It might be a little pretentious, but that does help to raise standards in a twisted way. You’re not going to be buying mass produced, rubbery cheddar here: it’s all artisan products which at least assures some flavour. Our top tip is to ask for samples first: if you can’t taste it, don’t buy it. At this scale, food can vary wildly from batch to batch, and 2 blocks of cured ham can taste entirely different. Most good stallholders understand this and will be happy to comply.


Address : Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road, London SE1 8XX

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