The Wellesley

When you first set foot into Knightsbridge, it’s like being transported into an entirely different world. Supercars are suddenly the norm – the streets are lined with the things – luxury really means luxury and everything is of the highest standard. We’re talking absolute top of the line here, the kind of place that entertains millionaires on a daily basis. The kind of place where splashing out tens of thousands of pounds on an afternoon’s shopping is something that is in no way uncommon.

The Wellesley is a hotel befitting the area. To call it grand and stately is something of an understatement: it’s simply palacial. What’s truly incredible about it though, is that it’s become something of an affordable option for those that want the 5 star treatment without having to take out a second mortgage. We’re not saying it’s cheap, dear god it’s not, but in context it’s a reasonable option. The facilities, location and level of service provided are top notch and what you’d  expect from hotels charging a hundred more a night. Ideal of mini getaways, romantic breaks or just a day or two of pure relaxation and pampering, The Wellesley is a chance to live the high life.


Address : 11 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7LY

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